Friday, January 21, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Judy asks: What is your favorite Month?

Well after sitting here pondering it I would have to say that it is September
It is warm and I do not hurt
Alergies are gone 
and the photo opps are amazing 
Daliah gardens are blooming
Sunflowers are in full color 
I Love it. 
SO yep Love September 

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  1. Lovey photograph. Yes, September is filled with wonderful colors and weather~ Lovely blog you have here. Happy Creating, Theresa

  2. I love Dahlias too! Unfortunately, they are hard to grow in our Georgia heat- but I keep trying....:)

  3. This is a beautiful photo. Love the softness of it. I love all fall and September is the start for me. It's my younger daughter's birthday so I love it for that too. For me it was very hard to pick one month, they all have something special. Also I love the new look on your blog, very beautiful.

  4. Lovely photograph, Shelly! I adore that shade of peach!

  5. September is nice because it's still summer yet has a hint of autumn in the air. Beautiful soft photo!

  6. Ah the beginning of "indian summer" here in Ca!
    I love what nature does each moth!
    Lovely photo!

  7. Wow, I agree with allergy thing.That alone should have made me think of September!! Nice Photo!

  8. Dahlias are so special! I've grown them before. If I didn't live in the woods, where the deer are sure to seek them out and munch on them, I'd plant them again!

  9. Me too! That is an absolutely great photo there~

  10. Being pain free, free of allergies, and having many days of photo ops is the perfect reason to pick September. Love your reasoning and photo, too.


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