Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Joys of being Happy and Smiling

My Friend  Tammy at Art & Inspiration just did a blog re: Hello & Happy  and as she is one of my dear IA sisters I asked her if I could do a blog with her Hello Prompt:  She said "Yes go for it"

Is such a profound word it is a greeting as well as a start to a conversation.  It can be what someone needs for their day to be just a little brighter.  
Tammy works in greeting people in retail, I work in Greeting in a nursing home way different spectrum but still the same thing a smile and a Hello is huge and can brighten a day to someone that was not having a good one.  I like to greet all the residents by their first name as well as a smile on my face.  I do the same for those who come into the front doors.  Some to bring flowers and how nice is that and then there are the ones that are coming to say goodbye to their loved one.  So many different ways I greet but with a sincerity as well. 

People say my smile is one of my trates.  I just do what comes natuaral to me and Smile is it. 
I love to make people smile with my smile.  I know a guy at the nursing home that is so devoted to his wife it is so sweet.  and he is always complementing me and my smile and hair.  He would give me his opinion.  If it was down, "Oh no I like it the other way".  He would say and if it was up "Oh yes that is it that looks really nice". Well the other day he was stunned I had cut it all off and I am shrt now and with my smile on my face he looked and i said I cut it short"  after a long pause "Ok It looks nice".  we exchanged smiles and on his way he went.  a smile goes so far.  I am always telling people that come back to the front after visiting a family member/friend that has dememtia or Alzheimer that they should come back.  Oter days are better.  I hear things like I can't they do not know me and I say with a smile on my face, "They might next time, come back".  I explaine the open doors of dementia and how we never know when they will come. So with my kind words and smile as they go in hopes they will return again.  To then be the smile in a residents life. 


  1. Beautiful photos! so nice to meet you... found you through the OWOH project!


    Come visit me too!

  2. I love the serene photo reflecting the trees along its edges.
    Very nice.

    Your number 5 came up on my OWOH giveaway. I am off to post it now. How funny huh? Out of 149 comments, #5 came up. Congratulations!

    Hugs, Tammy


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