Saturday, February 12, 2011


What is that word to you?
To me it is a huge word it means creativity and getting out of the box.
I have found more creativity in me in the last two years then I never thought I had.  
I had the neatest conversation today with a co worker of mine.  She came up and saw me drawing a picture YES I was drawing at work  LOL  Anyway She mentioned the style I have and she started talking about her 7 year old daughter.  Since she was very young is an amazing artist and draws really well,  She then went on to say that hr daughter has a speech problem and that it is great release for her. I too have had a speech problem and have overcome studering.  I told her about a few art camps I know and I gave her the Willowing web sight and told her to maybe even get her a sketchbook.  We talked for quite awhile and when she left me she has a hope and a sparkle in her eyes that she did not have before.  It was neat.

Yesterday speaking of Art my friends and I are going to put on a mini Art Retreat I AM STOKES about this.  So excited.  The planning has already started and we will have it at the church and my Wednesday night group will sponsor it and has a fundraiser for the gals that are going to Portland in October.

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