Thursday, May 26, 2011

A cry of my heart

 My sweet son Raymond

Your best friend just died in a car accident 
I knew him he has been in our home a few times 
I am so sorry 
My heart cries for you as you are dealing with such loss 
The paper is all over the board with the accident which has come across now 
as a heart problem not alcohol
I wish we were closer 
Dad keeps telling me give you your space... I dd now hardly ever see you.
I know you need your space but you have been out 
of the house since November 
I miss you 
You are my first born 
I worry about you and the choice you make 
Your heart is so sweet and giving 
And now. your good friend is gone
You have such a sweet girl friend please do not push her away!!!
Grab a hold of us your family We love you and always here for you!
I love you!!


  1. oh dear Shel ... you and all the ones you love are in my thoughts. and also the family who had to face this tragic loss.

  2. heart is hurting for you.Being a mom that lost her oldest son 5 years ago..I have to tell you, everyone deals with it differently.They say time doesn't for me..its getting worse. You have to give your son all the space you can...I know it hurts you and your's more important for your son to know your there when he reaches out, and he will.....prayers are with you.

  3. Honey, this is so precious. I hope that some how it will ease your pain. I sent Raymond a txt after reading this & PTL he txt me back. Maybe that's all you can do - just little txt msgs that tell him you love him. You are probably doing this already. I love you and have all of you in my prayers.


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