Monday, May 9, 2011

Yesterday A GOOD DAY

Some of my favorite images from this weekend. 
I came out to the car to head to church and son had dropped of a dozen roses for me.  
Funny cause I had already seen him earlier in the morning. 
Daughter and I took a drive with camera in hand and a Blue Heron came down on the road right in front of my car and...  no chip  I took a deep breath and just enjoyed it.
Came home to more flowers and daughter made me lunch, took a nap.
Hubby did BBQ for the 4 of us and I did not have to lift a finger.  Then hubby took me on a drive where we saw deer and a family of swans.
To sum up a good mothers day our first strawberry shortcake of the year.

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  1. what a lovely celebration of YOU! I hope you are enjoying your getaway. What a lovely time of year to have one. xoRobin


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