Sunday, June 12, 2011

BAKE "Okee Dokie I will Bake you a Cake"

Ok So a little joke my hubby and I have is just out of the blue
We bake each other cakes
We got the idea from the Napolean Dynamite movie
And it has stuck & been a fun thing we do
So this week for "Bake" at Inspiration Avenue I played with a drawing and picnik.
Is in an earlier this week post too but this is the finished product!


  1. Okey Dokey a wedding cake no less.
    Smiling at Napolean Dynamite reference.

  2. What a fabulous tradition! Lucky hubby has never baked a cake and probably never will. He is the can-burn-boiling-water type.

    I love the girl holding the cake, with her face peering over the top!

  3. Aw that's such a sweet thing you and your husband do Shel :)

    Your girl looks like she's been working hard to make that beautiful cake! Love the little love birds in the corner :)

  4. Romantic..and fun. I predict a very long marriage for the two of you. :)


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