Thursday, June 9, 2011

Morning coffee with last nights crafting

What is the craft you ask?
My dear frend Julie Celebrated her 1 year of Sabriety and as our 
Wednesday night group is not a AA meeting we decided to celebrate our way. 
Was a blast we had a pot luck and then after everyone had ate I got up got the card every one had signed and I had had crafted these cardboard coins
all a little different and with our W.O.W (Women of Worth) logo on them.  each one had a scripture or a atribute to her on the back. 
We then each took a turn at going up to her and reading the back to her, giving her the coin and then a big hug!!

We then prayed for her next 365 days it was 


  1. Congrat to your friend...She should be very proud of herself.....You too, for being such a good friend during her life long journey.

  2. I have been enjoying catching up on your past post..I have been gone way to long from my blogging. You have been very busy and super creative. After seeing all of your creativity I am becoming inspired once again to dig in and do! I would like to send a congratulation to your friend and a prayer for continued success. With friends like you as support, and strength from the Lord, I am sure she will do just fine.

  3. Thank you so much for stoppin by my blog!! I Love to hear from you guys!!!

  4. Congrats to Julie! Yay! Hugs from a sister, and I know all to well about the celebration every year. My hub is celebrating his 3rd year in October. It is finally a successful leap and so proud to say ~ you've done it!!! Keep the faith, live life to the highest with love in the hearts!


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