Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Over the Rainbow" at Inspiration Avenue Here is my entry

Over the Rainbow
Was my turn to host at Inspiration Avenue 
and living in the NW man was starting to feel like I lived in the jungle
So much rain it was getting crazy
People were having to up or go on Vitamin D 
We finally got some Sun Friday on my Birthday
and it has stayed through the weekend yeah 
My skin is even a little pink

Picked up my book and drew her tonight 
Colorful daisies and some graphics from picnik


  1. Love your colors and that tiara was the perfect finishing touch! I'm glad you guys finally got some sun!

  2. Thanks for hosting the rainbow!
    :-) Your drawing is really cute!

  3. Lovely combination of media Shel. This has a softness that really brings to mind the sun shining through misty rain - pretty! x


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