Thursday, July 28, 2011

Abundance of Lavender and thoughts

A week and a half ago I was not feeling well at all.
Last Tuesday I called in sick
By Thursday I was in the Dr. telling him I just do not feel right emotionally
We talked for quite some time and he is sending me in for blood work and a low dose of an ant depressant.
For which I do not feel bad about what so ever because I just want to feel right again.  I feel like a part of my brain was scooped out by a spoon and in that spoon is joy, love, peace, happiness.  Not cool huh and if you know me THAT IS ME all those things.  So my goal is to feel right again and if a little medication is needed that so be it.  I have a great group of friends that pray for me and I know I will get through this. 
I could have posted this in my private blog on wordpress where I go to vent but as I tell my boss I am an open book. 
I am tying so hard to not whine about the weather but REALLY I need sunshine and all I am getting are clouds till around 5 or 6 the sun comes out for a bit then more clouds.  Doc thinks that might be the cause.  I JUST WANT TO FEEL RIGHT AGAIN!!
Added next day:
WOW SUN came out and I had a good day all felt right even though I had a bad headache all day.
This morning I will go in and get blood work done to check thyroid, Vit D levels and Choloestorol.  Yeah ME!!  It all good even though the clouds are back.


  1. Sending big hugs and LOVE your way!


  2. I really understand what you mean. I get very low and get alot of pain all these gray days we have here in Scandinavia... Now we had three days of extreme heat and sunshine and I feel like a totally new person. I realize, just like you do, how much I need the sun and warmth. I wish I lived on a sunny place on Earth.
    Sending you some sunshine too.

  3. My sweet daughter, oh how I wish I could make it all better. Like when you were little & I could hold you, rock you, put a bandaid on it or just do what Mommies do when their child is hurting. But this is something I can't just fix, but I can pray for you and I am. I know what you are talking about - just not feeling right - and I would not have wanted you to go through what I have struggled with for many years. YAH....for you in seeking medical help - if that's what is needed. I love you with all my heart & could not be prouder to have you as my daughter. ((((HUGS)))) Mom


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