Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspiration Avenue "Picasso"

"Picasso"  The Shelly way
So this was way different for me because I like thing to fit and be all lined up right.
Daughter said: "Um mom no offense but Picasso dies not make pretty"
I giggled and said "Oh ya huh, Oh well"!
So there it be
4 faces
8 eyes
5 words
4 lips
4 hearts
Was fun
Great idea again


  1. I love it Shel!! The colors are wonderful!


  2. Shelly, you are so funny! And so is your daughter lol!

    You have made this very like Picasso, but in your own way, which is how it should be :D

  3. I like how you broke it down, like a recipe. Awesome♥♥♥

  4. lol...I like your daughters comment.She's right. I like your interpretation.

  5. I love your Picasso inspired drawing. You have caught the feeling so well and I love the layout of the faces. The commentary with your daughter is too funny. Very nice.


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