Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Sunflowers of 2011

Yep yep yep they are a blooming
This was just a few blocks from my house
Hubby and I went on a date
He is right in the middle of a 6 day in a row work week and I am heading out of town for a few days so we decided a quick trip to Ferndale Sonic and then over to one of my favorite parks
We got there and like hardly anyone there
We walked the grounds took some pics then decided to head home.
We drove through a cememtary
I do not know what it is about driving through the cemetary that is so peaceful to me.
We drove around and I had to laugh I saw them watering....  Looked at hubby he looked at me and said "I know what you are thinking".  I then did it I drove down the road that was getting pelted with the sprinklers and luckily hubby remembered my camera was on his lap and got his window up seconds before the care got pelted with water it was awesome.
  • I love being spontaneous
  • I love Blogging
  • I love dates with my hubby
  • Driving with the windows down
  • Listening to him sleep after a hard day at work
  • His lunch is made for tomorrow
  • My dryer is going
  • it is almost 1:a.m. yikes
  • I have been writing in my book that I am writing
I caught up on my shows today via computer as we are ditching cable
Still have it I am just getting mentally prepared to not have it.  It is going to save up $100 a month to not have it. 


  1. Isn't it nice to do something unplanned and have such a nice time? Yay! The sunflowers are beautiful. I planted some sunflower seeds really late and they are only about 4 inches tall. I hope they have time to bloom!

    Good for you for getting rid of cable. It's hideously expensive. Wish I could do that, but there would be a mutiny in the house if I did lol.

    I love your tea sketch!

  2. Oooooh I am so envious of your sunflowers. That is actually on my "wish list" to do. I want some jumbo giant sunflowers. I will get around to one day. I would LOVE to ditch cable, but that's because I never have a problem keeping busy and that keeps my hubby busy when I am arting! :)
    Cutting off the cable would be like cutting a main artery! LOL


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