Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking out my back door

This was yeasterday
Today it looks the same but gray and silver no sun.  poo I love the sun
It was 80' yesterday too was so cool I just love wanm weather I can totally see myself being a snow bird in the future

The things going on
are a scramble in my brain
I want to start life coaching up which takes a lot of time and prayer
The goal to launch it in November
Do I do both men and women
meaning guys mentouring guys and girls mentoring girls
or just focus in weman.
Ugh that is the question
This is huge but
can be so awesome
I have been a life coach and loved it
There are so many broken people who just need someone to come along side them
and give them tools to get through life.

So that be what I am up to.
After today I am putting the planning on the shelf till I get back from

Yes so looking forward to a weekend away with my friends.

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