Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Fear" the Challenge at IA

With God at my side
On a day when dark and fearful thing could scare me I take up the cross and claim to his word!!
Then the dark things of the night become bright and I feel protected!
Fear not for I am with you I am your God and I will protect you Isaiah 41:10

The protector from all fears!!

One thing I do at night
when I can not shut my brain off
I have a favorite big fruit colored bowl in my memory from childhood
I picture Jesus
Holding that bowl in front of me and
I fill it with my checkbook, bills, car keys, etc
all the cares and worries I have and give it to him
for the night
then fall fast asleep!!


  1. Hi Shel, I like your drawing AND the imagery you use as a sleeping aid...I think I'll try that♥

  2. Very, very nicely done, Shel. You have found a true way to dispel your fears!

  3. No better way to face your fears than to unload them one by one on the ONE who can take them from you! Very nice!

  4. This is cute Shel. :-)
    xx gemma

  5. Fabulous and I like the idea of the big bowl!

  6. GREAT entry Shel- I love the drawing and your bowl is something I may have to borrow.....


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