Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ever wonder... did I say the right thing?

Me and Kel 2 years ago Whistler BC

I work in a nursing home and I deal with death on a daily basis but yesterday as my best friend had just lost her dad the words did not come to me.  I kept getting choked.  I have heard of this with nurses that loose their own family loved one and it hits different but I have never experienced this. 

Our deep friendship we have and the closeness  we have is in the heart and when she is hurting I feel it too.  I can not say. "I know how you feel".  because I have not had a parent die. We even talked about the difference in the feeling from a grandparent to parent dying.   My dear friend is an amazing artist and photographer and I  know she will continue to express herself in that way.  She has always been such an encouragement to me and we go back to 7th grade when we met.

I do have an ear
A shoulder to cry on
A heart that feels
A deep connection
A tear
A passion
A deep faith
A rooted foot in the ground

Until we talk again dear friend
I Love you!!!


  1. This is such a lovely post and definitely heart felt!!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  2. I suppose we can never really say the right thing in these situations, but your presence will be appreciated by your friend I am sure. such a lovely post

  3. Shel I've been in your friend's shoes and honestly it's not important what words you say, what's important is just being there with your love and support x


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