Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Monday it is!!! ~MIDDLE AGES AND ALL~

A delightful weekend it was ...
Went to a women's rally with ladies from church and got to see ladies I met at the retreat in May.  Was a great time of laughter, tears and food.
At one point in the day I was talking to the speaker and it was so neat as I shared my life story in a quick nutshell she asked me if my canes were not a big part of my testimony and I said Oh no I forget about them half the time.   We then talked about my book I am writing and through that I got to minister to her with a situation in her life..  I was like WOW.... in pondering that I was also stuck by the fact I am getting older and a lot of this comes from life's experiences and ups and downs in life! 
I am a middle ages woman and proud of it!!!!

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