Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When I woke this morning I did not know the day was going to be so cruel I gathered my things and headed to art class.  I was sitting at my table with my headphones on and an alarm sounded like back in the Hitler days.  Huge long sounds and then the words...  "The president has issued a decreed of Ban on art."
Ten hours later had felt like a dream.  How could this be art was my life and with in a few short hours gone. 
Billboards came down that has any art, People were summoned to box up all art supplies and put into storage.  The art teacher was acting like no big deal and just started pouring out the water at the painting stations and draping cloths over the statues that were used to draw.  What the Hell is wrong with this picture. 
I gathered up all my art supplies and quickly put them in my bag.  I even stuffed a small canvas in there.
Headed down the stairs and out onto the street.  I walked down aways and then notices as I walked passed the bus garage that they were taking the sides off the buses that a local elementary school had won a month of art on the bus murel and off it was coming.  I kept walking.  A cold wind went over my face.  I pulled up my scarf as I was about to have a tear touch the top of my cheek.  As I passed to local book store that was attached to the art supply shop with one of those arch doorways they were filling up boxes of art books and as I went passed the art store CLOSED!  The sign said closed I felt like dropping to my knees right then and there.  I pulled my hat down over my ears and kept walking.  How can this be happening I was an art major and now all shattered because of a president.  What led him to this decision?  when he was voted in congress decided to give him 3 notes of acts he could use with out going to congress and this must be one of them.
I crossed the street heading down to the park and the man who was always there painting was gone. 
Passing the movie theatre the posters that go with the movies down with a
8 x 10 white paper in the center of the frame with the name of the movie in times new roman font.
As I walked passed the homeless folks at the benches they did not act any different as if their life had not been affected....  well it had not. 
In my head all I could think was; "I am not boxing up my art stuff heck no".  I kept walking and wondered if this was a world wide thing or just this country what about Inspiration Avenue our etsy team we are all about art, is this affecting everyone?
I finally came to my house walked up the brick steps and came to the big door wondering if my husband was home I opened the door slowly and went in.  He came around the corner and said, "Hey hun how are you"  I about flew off the handle in my head I wanted to yell "HOW AM I? WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING?" But before I uttered a word I notices he was covered in a white powdery dust which was unusual.  SO I took a deep breath and said, What is going on here?"  He said I just walled in your studio so you can continue to do art."  I was ecstatic.  I threw my arms around his neck and said thank you so much.  Our office/studio did not have a door it had a hole through the kitchen window and a area that you could just walk in but now the hole is closed and the doorway has a door that looks like a wall.  WOW cleaver!  All my artwork through out the house was sitting propped up against the wall. 
Seriously this was my dream this morning
How intense right WOW
I felt like a cross between Anne Frank, Hitler days and Merlin the TC show on netflix that does not allow magic.  So very glad  I woke up!!

Writen by Shelly Simpson
Edited by Kayla Simpson
© copyright

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  1. Wow, what a dream, well a nightmare, I should say. Life would be so very different without art. It would be like an institution i those bleak winter months when the skies are gray and the trees are bare. Depressing.

    Well the good news is that there is ART and it is here to stay. Yay! What a sweetheart your dream husband was to wall off your art studio. :)


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