Sunday, January 22, 2012


Living in Washington State where we are we do not see any fun colored bright fun  butterflies. But where I grew up in Montana where we had monarch beautiful butterflies.  So from my childhood I remember them well.  I had a surgical operation and I had half my body in a body cast and months before the surgery or might have been weeks. that I had found a Caterpillar mom and I had put it in a jar with leafs and sticks and placed on the top of the frig....Weeks after I heard mom scream and brought me a jar with an amazing sight.  The biggest most beautiful monarch butterfly we had ever seen. Dad carried me outside and we let it go.

SOO with the tabbling in Butterflies this week and Hettienne brought to us  for the Inspiration Avenue challange.  Here are my creations

I tweeked these images in PICNIK which announced yesterday that they are closing on April 11th BUTT all acess is open no more Premier account to access the good stuff SO I PLAYED!


  1. Oh wow Shel, what a story. I love your entries

  2. Quite a story,but you did the butterfly memories justice. Both pieces are awesome! Boop Oop a Doop!

  3. I agree, great memories followed by two wonderful submissions. Boop Boop!


  4. That was a super story about the birth of a monarch! And thanks for the link to Picnic. I'd never heard of it before, so had to check it out. Of course I will have to try it once I can get photos on my blog again .


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