Saturday, February 18, 2012

"DIVA" Inspiration Avenue challenge

So what is this Diva doing?  I have been told that I need to start writing little stories to go with my drawings but this one is not one of ordinary drawings.  She is a Diva walking away or into a building 
Is it a Diva entering a theater?
Is she going to the Grammys?
Is it Whitney Houston entering heaven which I totally believe that is where she is.

you decide!!!!


  1. She's definitely a red carpet event. She's got the silhouette of a great diva - like beyonce or J lo!

  2. Wherever or whoever she is, she's a real red carpet Diva. I really like this "what if." It helps build a great story in the mind of the audience.

  3. She has the perfect diva figure and the red carpet that every diva craves!

  4. Va-va-voom!
    Totally Whitney entering heaven!


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