Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rocking Horses Challenge at Inspiration Avenue

As I have been limiting my time sped on the computer and re-arranging my priorities
I found a few moments tonight to put something together right quick. 
It has been fun co-hosting with Elizabeth of Altered Book Lover
What a fun theme it has been!!


  1. I was impressed by how well your black and white rocking horse went with your very colorful (and suggestively Valentine) background. Thank you again for allowing me to co-host with you. I know it was a lot of work for you!

    1. The candy colours and little love heart messages make this so pretty!

  2. I really like your valentine inspired rocking horse! The black and whit e image really stands out with your coloured background. Nice work

  3. Really pretty contrast with the black and white and surrounded by colors. I agree with your hearts!

    Cutie, Hot, and do I love it?
    I DO!


  4. Aw the candy hearts made me smile. Reminds me also to get on the ball for Valentine's! The black and white is framed very nicely by the bright colors, good job <3

  5. a fun entry! it would make a great party invitation!!


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