Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keepin it real and carry on.... From FOG to COLOR

Do you ever have an awakening moment?
one of those oh is this really what I m to do with my life moment?
Sunday as I sat in church feeling the arms around me that my husband has been sitting by me in church our whole married life and how lucky I am.  
This last year there has been a lot of different types of people entering my life and I have been keeping a distance because I did not want the unfamiliar I wanted the familiar.  How can I help someone who is an alcoholic and addicted to drugs when I have never been there myself.  As I sat there in church there was this awakening moment seriously wanted my computer then and there to blog my thoughts but I processed them for a day and here they are still streaming my brain.  I know I am not where I am on accident I am so very blessed is so many ways and as the dynamics have changed in my women's group I lead I wanted to run I even got a little pissy and could not understand if I could deal with all this.  Very different situations for me and yet I have been blessed with some great friendships that are solid and I am leaning on that and I know I need to do this I need to be there for these people.  with boundaries of course.  I am so very thankful for boundaries if you have not read that book I highly recommend it. 
A few months back we have a young man that had started coming to church and he had a past but he was seeking and was starting to come around which is the first step for a lot of people.  As he went out the door I did not know him and his father were going to be killed in a car accident that week.  Since then I have met some great people some that struggle with addiction and some not but the church is filling up with people from a brother of his to his sister, friends and kids and so on.  I have had wonderful opportunities and some I have ignored and then regretted so from this point on I will  sit back and listen more to what the Lord wants me to do. 
day by day
sitting back 
in the quiet times 
listening                    So no more being in the fog.... I want to be in the color


  1. If the Lord is speaking to you to get involved...he will open doors for you and equip you. The desire to serve is the first response to your listening to His call.Your color has already begun to emerge from the fog. Blessings. Dee

    1. Thanks Dee. you are right Here I come. Out of the Fog into the light and we are going to make a differce one day at a time!!!

  2. This is a wonderful post Shel. I have similar feelings, i tend to like the familiar and don't often want to leave my comfort zone. Our church has been growing so much in the last few years and the people who are coming aren't the what one expects... we have ex drug addicts, alcholics, a man who served time; and now our church is thinking of starting a home for homeless men. And i have to say i was rather reluctant to do this. But this world is going in crisis and i think God is wanting us to reach out and be the light for them.

    Oh i love the way you used your photography to illustrate how the Holy Spirit is leading you!

  3. AAh thank you Diane for this your are right we are in tough times right no. Thank you!!


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