Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Dolls" Challenge a tinspiration Avenue

My Raggedy Ann was my friend that I hugged and made me feel safe I wore her out and am not sure where she is today but I drew one the other night and here she is.  As i drew her I realized my dolls lips were not that big but the rest of her is bout right. 


  1. She is gorgeous Shel. I see from other entries that a Raggedy Ann was quite a popular doll. I have only seen her in books - would love to hold one!

  2. Like Hettienne, I have never seen a Raggedy Ann doll in real life. However, I am quite sure this doll is much like I imagined her in reality. I also like your new blog header. Very nice.

  3. You sure did love her LOTS. She was your friend always. I don't know where she is either :+(

  4. I love Raggedy Ann. I think she was a grand choice for your "Dolls" challenge.I wonder how many little girls like yourself felt the safety from hugging their Raggedy Ann. I know my little girl did. You did a very nice job drawing her from memory.

  5. I tagged you in the game of blog tag, if you want to play, come on over!

  6. Shel,
    I love your doll choice for this challenge. Great job!
    I love her lips!!



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