Friday, March 16, 2012

Stepping OUT!!! Out of the fog part 2

So as I went to church last night I went in with a different frame of mind.  Hard to explain it.
I have a few people I joke around with when I first walk in and then I decided to visit folks I had not  talked to much.  So I visited with a woman who shares the love of photography and she was telling me about her new online mission field.  I did not even know something like that existed and she is a missionary to people in Nigeria.  I visited with some new people that come 35 minutes to our Thursday night church that is in a old restaurant because they feel comfortable here and accepted one has a Mohawk and a tail type hair cut God Loves everyone and that is one of out motto's at Seeds of hope. I had a great conversation with a 18 year old boy with Down syndrome He is so sweet and has some great goals for his life.  We have a small meal and I looked through the room and I saw him sitting at a booth by himself.  Well that is just no good in my book so my friend went and got him and he came and slid into our booth with 7 ladies all mommas and had a great time.  He left with a Happy heart and wants to come back next week.  THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!   When people come to a place and feel comfortable and accepted then their hearts open to the Lord to grow and invite him in and start their walk with God a new walk a new beginning.  I started mine 22 years ago.  I was a chaperon at a youth group convention in Portland Oregon and there I was on the floor with the kids on my knees asking the Lord Jesus in my heart and my life has not been the same since!!!


  1. Oh Shel, This is a heart warming post...and it is true...that IS what is all about...LOVE♥


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