Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We all have a story to tell

We all have a story to tell

This past weekend our pastor did a sermon on our story and that there is so much purpose to our lives and even though when things get rough we need to hold on because the story is not over.  For some of us it has just begun.  I am only 42 that is half way to 80.  I have lots left in my story Lord willing that the Lord let me live that long.  I have 2 un-married kids and no grand kids yet.  
This song is a perky song that my daughter and I like to listen to. 

I have entered a new season in my life 

Embracing Art differently
Loving music in a brand new way 
Choosing positive people to be with 
Looking at all people through Jesus glasses (with boundaries) 
Morgan (hubby) and I are hoping to launch a Facebook page and Blog for a encouraging married couples 
We have been getting back into being Marriage mentors 
Wedding season is upon us and so in pre-marital counseling  
Listening more 
Watching what I eat via www.myfitnesspal.com
between daughter hubby and I we have lost 45 pounds 
Taking a break from photography 
getting rid of un needed stuff 

~feels so good! 

Since we have been eating different we are 
Less tired 
More motivated 
Treating out body different
Thinking before we eat 
Replacing carby stuff with good stuff 
drinking more water 
My boobs have shrunk
Hubby and I fit together better 
clothes fit better

We only get one body so we need to trat it right



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  1. From your lists it sounds as if you are in a very good season of your life...:)


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