Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I have done it! Lost 20 lbs

Lost 20 pounds
Looking at food differently 
Hardly any sugars or Gluten 
No red meats - Migraines went away
Eat lots of protein and healthy fillers 
Not a lot of processed food
With my body full of arthritis this has been done with zero exercise
other than normal day stuff 
Wish me luck I am going 10 more. 



    That is awesome and a feat to be proud of, not to mention how much healthier you will feel. I am dieting as well or I should say just taking better care of me. I don't eat red meat and haven't for years. I eat really really healthy, my down fall is junk and snacking when I am bored.
    And that damn chocolate! LOL
    I have lost 9 pounds doing nothing except asking myself before it goes in my mouth.."girl do you really want that" and then I eat an apple.
    I have to say that feeling better and healthier is much better than anything I want to eat.
    I am counting calories. That is just easier for me and I write it down. That way I know exactly how many calories I have ingested in a day and that makes me better about my choices. Plus weighing everyday keeps me on track!

    Keep up the GREAT Work! and please share. That's encouraging!

  2. YEAH SHEL!! wow 20lbs that's really terrific!!!! :D Congrats girl!! i know you will do then next 10 hands down! :D

  3. Congrats on 20 lbs! We're on exactly the same track - I've also lost 20 with another 5-10 to go - I feel so much better now that anything else I lose is a bonus. Like IMGIRL I'm a calorie counter, write it down every day but have a little splurge every weekend so I don't feel too deprived. Yay for us!


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