Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coffee blogging bliss

As I sit here in the morning with coffee in hand trying to figure where to put my new cool coffee decor in my coffee kitchen/dining room.
Bringing some blues into the brick red room 
to brighten up a bit
Kayla my daughter knows what warms my heart
we saw this last weekend and then there it was in my birthday bag Sunday!  Love it.

To my left is a:
A stack of 18th birthday cards of my daughters and a gift bag full of bags to put away till we have a need for a gift back another bag full of tissue paper,  never through that away!!!  Also a tape case full of Joyce Meyers audio tapes of "Where the mind goes"  SOO good I am listening to them and traveling through my friends.

Have opened up my book blog again to work on that after not touching it for 7 months.  This last weekend at the retreat I felt him tell me "I gave you a title you have experienced certain thing that will help you write"   So I will gander back into writing and see what happens.

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