Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's a fire in me

There is a fire in me of newness a new something
What will it be
I shall wait and listen
At the foot of the cross
I lift my  hands to the one who gave me life
My life is not my own
I am only here a short time
You wrote my story Lord
I am just here to do you work
So I sit and wait
Tell me your will
It will be done
Your Love is amazing

As Dr, Maria said  "What is in your hand?"
I will do with what you put in my hand

Will it be a pen
...a hand of a woman in need
... a co-worker
...a new friend

I will sit here and wait
~Shelly Simpson


  1. A wonderful poem, Shel. God will not let that fire burn out. You have so much talent to give, and you share it generously.

  2. That's when the very best things happen, when we sit and wait. Such a hard thing to learn. I am doing that now, very impatiently I might add, but trying. Not understanding why house is not selling and things aren't quite going like I want, but I know from past experiences, "my way" hasn't gone quite so I too shall sit and wait.
    Thanks for the lovely reminder Shel

  3. yes am quit excited about it. Sometimes we get so busy with ifes stuff we forget to sit back and just listen.


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