Thursday, September 20, 2012

My God is Faithful and I place my crown at your feet

Listening to this song this morning with this line in it really touched me.  
God blesses us with such an amazing journey called "life"  I can not imagine it with out him in it. 
Having God in my life and Jesus as my savior I need to express more often.  
I look back through my 43 years of life and see God touching it in a mighty way.  There were bumps in the road:
Born with Cerebral Palsy 
Being singled out by teachers 
Shaken by one teacher because I liked to sit like the boys
Moving away from my first best friend 
Living where all it did was rain and watching my mother sink into a depression 
Being evicted 
Husband leaving me when son was 4 days old 
Filling for bankruptcy
Moving away from all I knew 
Loosing loved ones and Friends
I Look back and it all helped me become who I am today!
...more to come

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