Friday, November 23, 2012

My mind is racing 
did I get to much sleep
or too much Caffeine
I feel numb 
I should feel joy 
Life is different 
Son lives in another state 
Daughters friend and baby are living with us 
I usually decorate on black Friday.....
I am homed up in my office 
Three girls are sleeping after being part of the black Friday craz 
Hubby and I had coffee 
now my awesome hubby talented one is fixing my car
Life feels like a swoosh 
A big blurry swoosh
Why do the holidays do this to me?
Every year 
I stress 
I get stress sores in my nose 
Something always breaks down

~to be continued

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  1. I hope that tomorrow will be so calm and event free that you will just enjoy it:)


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