Monday, January 7, 2013

Etsy team I am on is having a TAG Swap

We hope you'll join us for our
As you can probably tell, the theme is  
since the swap is in honor of 
Valentine's Day and American Heart Month.
Get out your cardstock or pre-made tags from the office supply store.
Use glue, paint, stamps, stencils, decorative papers, embellishments,
ribbons, string, thread, pens, pencils, markers and more.
Any or all of the above!
Add a helping of your unique creativity and make 3 tags.

They can be gift tags, book tags, 
luggage tags, 
hang tags,
even bookmarks.
Send your
Address to this address:
Here's how to sign up:
Sign ups start now and will be open until midnight January 25, 2013.
(That's Eastern Standard Time, see our clocks in the right sidebar)
Leave a comment on this post just to say Yes! I'm interested!
Then (very important!
send your snail mail address to: 

(Sending your info to this email address instead of posting in the comment section
will ensure that spammers will NOT see your address.
And, we at IA will NEVER, EVER use your address for anything but this tag swap.)

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