Friday, January 18, 2013

Pleading the 2nd. Just Sayin

Yesterday i sat in the Sheriffs office with 26 other folks and my friend that went with me.   they  were all  there to get their Concealed Weapons Permits.  Doors open at 12 to come in and get a number. Then you Wait an hour for the main office to open.  I walked in and there were 2 sticky notes sitting there with 26 and 27 greeted by some fun folks at the door I grabbed 26 and my friend Jen and I were given 2 seats by two burly guys wearing Carhart jackets.  The conversation got funny right from the start,.  There was a range of ages from 21 to 70's.  All sitting there to hold up the 2'nd amendment.  There must have been 30 more people that came in the door and sadly got the application and had to come back another day.  There was 2 guys totally different personalities just so happened to be at each door.  Guy 1 Long beard, skull cap, ear gauges and long hair,  Guy 2 Redneckish, Carharts, Romeos.  They had numbers 16 and 25 so were there a majority of the wait.As the croud died down the conversation kept going.  laughter and just good folks.A lady very quiet prolly oldest there said out of the blue with a British accent,  "Well You will not have to wait long when my name is called" and held up both arms, one missing a hand. She had such a good attitude.  ten minutes after we got there one of the guys that gave up his seat went out to his truck and brought in folding hunting chairs, how cool is that.  A lady sitting behind a book a lot of the time all of the sudden mentioned she owned Uzi,  Shocked by her appearance and demeanor it was funny.  She went on explaining that she had it for when she lived in California and there was a cougar on the property line and she wanted to protect her kids, so just to scare him by shooting in the air from time to time, and her head went back in her book.  Two ladies reunited right in front of me that both had survived cancer and that is how they had met was Chemo therapy.  As the croud died down I started to see more deep conversations happening even the guy with the ear gauges came over and started telling us and Carhart funny guy of his addiction he used to have to Oxy.  He was so very strong to never do it again, in collage and he was 3 years younger than I.  Shocked us he only looked 25andI am 43.  The four hours went by so fast.  My Kindle fire was in the car and my phone had died.  Did not even miss them it was a good experience. Good people doing what they can to protect themselves. A few guys in there did not even own a gun but the right is what was important to them.  

This pic is not especially good of me hubby took with his cell phone, but hey it says it!!! 


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  2. Thank you for sharing babydoll. Very proud of you:)


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