Monday, April 29, 2013

Weight loss sucess

Yep hubby and I have lost almost 100 pounds between the two of us!
December 2011
 December 2012
Cell phone pics of our picture is not the best butt it does show our weight loss a little!
What we have done to do this is change our way of thinking and eating!!  
Is really a new way of thinking and eating!
here it is:
Stopped eating processed food (nothing out of a box or package)
started really paying attention to ingredients if we do consider a packaged food
cut way back on my sugars really just coffee creamer is all I so now.
stopped eating red meat (migraines went away) as I researched sodium nitrates)
Cut fast food
cut breads almost completely Gluten free we eat wraps and allow flat bread at subway.

What we do eat
spinach leaves
green beans
corn chips
wraps (this is how I have my sandwiches which I love) turkey meat
cook with white wine
sweet potato fries
celery (awesome for blood pressure)
Mexican sour cream is the bomb!!!!

yes I do allow some processed like the cheeses and the sour cream etc. that makes it easier to eat the other stuff but all together I feel so much better and healthy.
Daughter, Kayla, put this plan in motion for us a year ago. she has lost 65 pounds and Morgan 55. I have lost 39.we do, do subway once a week with flat bread.

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