Sunday, September 8, 2013

"JOY" This week at Inspiration Avenue

Husband was on a hike the other day and while on that hike going up a trail, he was listening to a really neat sermon I had posted on facebook (gotta love technology) and he was really feeling blessed and sat down on a log to finish the message and rest as he had come to the end of a trail.  He stood up and turned to his left, right there was this cross made of rocks.  He was feeling blessed again.  Like he had entered a special place in the woods.  We never know what we are going to find each day when we leave our homes.   Today I encourage you to look a little more.  Look to the right and left and see if you are missing anything!!


  1. Definitely well said Shel! We all need to look a little closer & realise the blessings to be found in every day! That photo would be lovely framed on the wall don't you think?

    Kat Xx

    PS Priti.Lisa arranged this and last years swap but I know because the amount of months in year & time available she/we had to limit numbers even though we wanted to share it with everyone. Which was a big reason why when we did our end of swap party we focused on encouraging others to set up new swaps by doing a competition for supplies. Hope you may be able to do that. It is great to touch base with you through IA - I wish I could join in more often. I had a few hard months with the MS this year but have been doing well again lately and am trying to put more time back into my fiction writing & crafting. How are you? Hope you are keeping well. Sending you HUGS & joy. Thanks for doing a challenge that made me focus on JOY. Kat xx

  2. wow! I love this post and the message of looking for the blessings God has given to us... too many times we concentrate on the problems and fail to see little miracles or blessings. <3


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