Saturday, March 8, 2014

This week I hosted the challenge "Lanterns" at Inspiration avenue and here is mine.

This is our family castle in Switzerland 
Only a few of our live family members have actually been there 
but it is such a great place to look at. 
I tweaked it and made it into a dreamy festive picture 
imagination can go to a celebration in the village
and a young couple looking at it from a far walking though a grassy field 
as the lanterns are lifted in the town square.
enjoy :)


  1. You have a castle in Switzerland. I should love to visit you there. The lanterns floating in the dark night make everything all right. All the time.

  2. Do you really have a castle in Switzerland? How romantic, and how lovely to be able to say that sentence.

  3. Ipad locked up on me. Your warm castle image you have created gives just the feelings you describe.

  4. Gorgeous picture Shel I love these lanterns I wish they weren't such a fire hazard.
    How wonderful and romantic to have a family castle especially in Switzerland you made it truly magical.


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