Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Questions & Direction on this fall morning

 In March I started taking a blogging course that costs money every month and since that I have hardly blogged at all since I started the class.  It was like I got this huge writers block and a few health issues did not help.  I miss blogging and want to start again the question at hand is do I do it here, start a totally different blog on a different platform or just stop writing all together.   UGH. 
At the moment my hand is in a brace which makes it a bit hard to type.  So that is not helping the fact.  My amazing husband is so supportive of me and always says do what makes you happy.
I look back at the many blogs I have done and think I want that creative spark back. I really thought I would get back when I joined compel.  
The latest factors have not helped. 

April my back was toast for 7 days all I could do to get any relief was lay in bed. Thank goodness to Chiropractic care!!

July I fell down some stairs and was messed up for 2 months with Costacondridis with horrible chest spasms as well as a tooth going through my face.  Thought I broke a rib up by my heart.....  NOT fun!  4 Dr, appointments and one ER visit to make sure I had not had a heart attack from a wierd dizzy spell at work.
Mid september I started having wrist & hand pain on my right side and now I am dealing with a chronic pain that is no fun and of course hurts like the dickens to type.  From what I have researched it looks like Carpal Tunnel.  I was very glad when a brake was ruled out as well as torn ligaments.  Butt still no answers......   

Through all this stuff there has been so many blessing.  With daughter about to have her first child and dad turning 70 as well as a few trips and great friends that touch my heart through my artist groups.   

As my hubby says, "Be careful what you ask for"  As his story is his own but in a nut shell.  He asked for the Lord to give him a tool to be able to witness to the rough neck group of guys he was working with and that week almost died from I grinder blade bouncing off a metal structure and missing his jugular vain by a milla meter and lived to tell the story. 

More soon!

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  1. Sounds like you might have some important things to say and the enemy knows it. Keep writing! Ask what to write about and you'll get an answer. Hope you're feeling better very soon.


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