Tuesday, December 22, 2015

MRI Mental ART

Last week I had an MRI scheduled for my wrist,  after having a lot of pain in my wrist and had over the last 2 months.  No idea why.  
 So I am thinking MRI for my wrist a nice table top structure I would sit on a chair and place my hand in a machine and wha Laaa right.  NOT I get there, they tell me to get completely undressed to my undies and put scrubs on.  I was like... "Umm for my wrist?....I should have taken a valum...  why did no one tell me it was going to be my whole body in the tube....."  As they take me to the room I breath "I can do this...breath  in... out.  The techs were awesome.  They got me weighed down as I said Cerebral Palsy comes with tremors  Hence the VALUM...  duh.  so weights and pillows and a panic ball I held in my left hand as I laid on my stomach, arm straight above my head.  Then the words, "It's only 25 minutes".  Panic washed over me.  They put the headphones on me with Christian contemporary music and in I went.  Breathing in and out as this horrid loud thumping started pulsing around me I decided at that moment I was going to go to my happy place.  I can do this God will get me through this.  As the noise was sounding like a huge sewing machine and memories rushed my mind of my grandmother and mother sewing.  That then took me to stitching the letters of my new grand baby's name Saieve Lucas James.  After about ten times I did others names in my family. The techs stopped and checked on my a few times and turned up the music.  When they said only 15 minutes left I hit a panic feeling and thought surely it has been longer than that.  So back to deep breathing and I decided to color.  Yep as I have been coloring a lot lately in an adult coloring book it was so fitting.  So the image came to mind and I started coloring.  As the loud tones got louder and heavier my markers got bigger bolder color and before I knew it, it was over. They slid me out of the tube unsecured my wrist and I explained what I did to get through it and they had never heard of that before.  As I sat there getting over a dizzy spell which they said was a normal thing.  
I decided to share this experience on here.  I am so not a fan of MRI tubes but am thankful for the technology of today.  My reselts were a torn ligament and I am now looking at surgery ugh. Not a happy camper there but It is a better outcome than others the surgeon had mentioned.  

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