Sunday, June 4, 2017

Part 11

When the Lord talks to me rounding the corners!!

So as I mentioned in part one I was in a 6 week break.  A break for myself to re group, think, journal and pray.  I was attending another church and getting very excided about it.  My husband on the other hand not so much.  I would go there and he would go to our church or as it was hunting season he was doing that as well.  As I was rounding a corner I heard God plain as day "Butt I have equipped you for Town name"  I was like ugh what?  As the days went on I heard that oh so quiet voice again,  "I have equipped you for Town Name". 
So I said I need a sign.  And the very next day I was entering into a board meeting where I was the clerk/secretary & was told the chair of the outreach commission was stepping down.  I have always wanted to be the head of outreach.  So then and there we flipped positions and that was also my sign.  He had prepared me for the little town of town name and I was there for a reason.  I had a full peace and for the next chapter of my life continued. 
This was nearly two years ago and I am still at peace knowing that I am right where I am to be.


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